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Digital signatures provide authentication by ensuring that the recipient can verify the authenticity of the document. A digital signature also ensures the integrity of the document by detecting any unauthorized changes made after signing, making it difficult for fraudsters to tamper with the document.

Digital signatures provide non-repudiation, meaning the signer cannot deny his involvement in signing a document, which is essential in legal and business contexts.

Digital signatures rely on a public key infrastructure to establish trust in the subject of the signature. This trust occurs through the use of digital certificates issued by trusted certificate authorities that confirm the identity of the signer. This increases the credibility of the document.

Digital signatures make PDF documents more secure than their paper counterparts, reducing the risk of fraud. They can also be used to track the history of a document, showing who signed it and when, which is valuable for regulatory compliance and accountability.

Digital signatures eliminate the need for physical signatures, making signing documents more efficient and reducing the time and costs associated with printing, scanning and mailing paper documents.

Digital signatures on PDF files are widely used in many countries and industries, making them a practical and legally recognized way to sign and exchange documents internationally.

In general, digital signatures for PDF documents increase the security, reliability and efficiency of digital communication and document management. They play a critical role in today's business and legal landscape.

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How does a digital signature work for PDF files?

Digital signatures for PDF files use a combination of public key infrastructure (PKI) technology. The document owner signs the PDF using their private key, and the recipient can verify the signature using the sender's public key.

Why use digital signatures for PDF files?

Digital signatures are used to authenticate the source of a PDF document, ensure its integrity, prevent unauthorized changes, establish non-repudiation, and enhance document security.

What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature for PDF files?

Electronic signatures encompass a broad category of methods for signing documents electronically, while digital signatures specifically refer to a cryptographic signature that provides a higher level of security and non-repudiation.

What happens if someone tampers with a digitally signed PDF document?

If a digitally signed PDF document is altered, the signature becomes invalid, and the recipient will be alerted to the tampering. This ensures the document's integrity.