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PDF/A Converter for .NET

Convert PDF documents into PDF/A format with Documentize .NET Plugin

PDF/A Converter for .NET

Seamlessly convert PDF document pages into PDF/A format with our plugin, ensuring enhanced compatibility and versatile use of your content. Experience the convenience of this tool for smooth and efficient conversion needs.

How to convert PDF to PDF/A using .NET?

  • Reference Documentize in your project
  • Set your license keys
  • Create an instance of PdfAConvertOptions and set the PDF/A version to PDF/A-3B.
  • Create an instance of PDF/AOptions to configure the conversion process
  • Set the desired resolution
  • Add the input PDF file to the options.
  • Add the output PDF/A file to the options.
  • Create an instance of the PdfAConverter plugin.
  • Process the PDF/A conversion using the specified options.
  • Print the result collection to the console.

Getting Started with PDF/A Converter

Obtain the assembly files from the downloads or retrieve the package from NuGet to add Documentize directly to your workspace.

  • Supported operating systems include Windows 7-11, Windows Server 2003-2022, macOS (10.12+), and Linux
  • Supported frameworks range from 4.0 to 7.0
  • Compatible with various Microsoft Visual Studio versions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Documentize PDF/A Converter for .NET do?

Documentize PDF/A Converter for .NET is a plugin designed to convert PDF document pages into high-quality PDF/A format within .NET applications. It simplifies the process, providing a convenient solution for converting PDF pages to PDF/A format.

Is Documentize PDF/A Converter for .NET limited to only to convert PDF into PDF/A format?

Yes, PDF PDF/A Converter for .NET is designed specifically for converting PDF into PDF/A format. For other operations you can use other PDF plugins or the full capabilities of the Documentize library.